Paul’s influence on my personal life and his holistic approach to mentoring, kept me focused, energized and always ready to meet the next challenge.

B Cryer, MD of GetOn

I appreciate your empathy to be in my shoes and to understand where I come from, and your listening skills and your commitment through this journey; but mostly I appreciate my connection with you.

L Rani, Director, Silulo Ulutho Technologies

The key feature of my meetings with Paul is that I looked forward to them.  The reasons I looked forward to them is because of the manner in which they were conducted and the benefits I derived from them.  We are often challenged to spend more time on leadership and less on management.  Paul created a space in which thinking about leadership could happen.  As the head of a very large organisation it was critical that I took time to reflect on what was happening and think creatively about the future.  Paul ensured the atmosphere in which we discussed these matters was conducive to critical thinking and creativity and the consequences were that many ideas came from the discussions which had a fundamental effect on the way the organisation was run and the ultimate success of the organisation.

It’s worth noting that when we started meeting we agreed that I would never leave the meetings with a long list of things I needed to do as a consequence of the meeting and that remained true after every meeting.  The inspiration I felt helped me formulate my thinking that ultimately permeated the organisation over time.

The years I spent meeting with Paul were my most creatively productive years of my professional career.

I appreciated Paul’s demeanour.  While I never felt challenged I realised with hindsight that, through his demeanour, Paul had managed to challenge me in such a way that I never felt threatened, but rather inspired.  Paul was able to create a space that allowed for my creativity to be exposed and so he never imposed his thinking or his own values onto me.  I always felt refreshed and invigorated after our meetings.

V Wood, ex Deputy Principal, Bishops


I have enjoyed our meetings and always leave feeling encouraged and motivated.

I have also noticed that you are able to gently yet powerfully enable me to think of and arrive at solutions for my situations rather than feed me with the answers and I really appreciate that. I think we all need the occasional gentle push from behind to help us keep our momentum in life!

G Marshall, Programme Director, Rocklands Centre

Having Paul Sturrock walk alongside me for one year has helped me regain a part of me which I thought I had lost.

He faithfully met with me fortnightly and guided me to regaining my self-worth and enthusiasm for education. We  planned staff workshops which has ensured a sustainable and progressive change in our learning organization, improving staff relations and learner achievement at our school. He also ensured that I adopt a healthier lifestyle in my personal life as it affected my professional life, and so I can attest to Paul being a life coach who will bring out the holistic best in any person he coaches.

C Meyer-Williams, Principal, Cornflower Primary School